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EGG SINKERS The Egg Sinker or Slip Sinker as it is sometimes called has numerous advantages over conventional sinkers. The line will slip through the sinker, thus the fish will not feel the weight of the sinker when it picks up the bait and setting the hook will be quicker without the sinkerís resistance. In addition, the fish cannot use the sinkerís weight to help throw the hook when breaking water. One Pull Pin included with each egg sinker mold.

Item Code Model No. Included Insert No. of Cavities Sizes (oz.) Price
61-1170 EG-9-A  PEG-332 Pull Pin 9 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3 $56.95
61-1173 EG-5-LA PEG-332 Pull Pin 5 1,2,3,4,5 $56.95
61-1174 EG-2-68 PEG-332 Pull Pin 2 6, 8 $56.95
61-1171  EG-14-48 PEG-332 Pull Pin  14 1/8,1/4 $56.95
61-1172 EG-11-1412 PEG-332 Pull Pin 11 1/4,1/2 $56.95
61-1121 EG-9-M2 PEG-332 Pull Pin 9 3/8,3/4 $56.95
61-1122 EG-6-L2  PEG-332 Pull Pin 6 1,1-1/2 $56.95
61-3252 EG-3-2  PEG-332 Pull Pin 3 2 $56.95
61-3253 EG-3-3  PEG-332 Pull Pin 3 3 $56.95
61-3254 EG-3-4  PEG-332 Pull Pin 3 4 $56.95
61-3378 EG-2-1012  PEG-316 Pull Pin 2 10, 12 $56.95
61-3380 EG-2-1416  PEG-316 Pull Pin 2 14, 16 $56.95

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