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Real Pro's SportFishing

PO Box 17
Hepworth, Ontario
Canada N0H 1P0
Tel: 519-371-3766
Fax: 519-371-3754
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Let us customize
your blades. Choose from any of our 60 custom designs!
or send us one of your own!

Available in Colorado, Indiana, and Willowleaf
Allow 2-5 business days for production!

New Items for 2018

Save $50.00
Tackle Maker
for a Limited Time
Save $10.00
Jig and Sinker Molds
for a Limited Time
Save $10.00
ES SoftBait
for a Limited Time
Save $10.00
Injector Nozzles
for a Limited Time
Save on
Laminated Bags
for a Limited Time

Only $6.99
1 in wide x 25 ft Assorted Prism Tape
Only $8.99/Pint
New for 2018
ES Ripper
Softbait Mold
New for 2018
ES 6" Paddle
Tail Mold
New for 2018
Diner Shiner

7 New Colours
Magmum Flashabou

Paint Markers New for 2018
Ultra Minnow
Blade Bait
Colorado Splatter Blades New for 2018
SwimBait Head

French Blade Lac Copper French Blade Black Nickel French Blade Genuine Matte Silver Plated Die Cut Prism Tape for French Blades Deep Cup Colorado HEX Copper

Deep Cup Colorado HEX Copper Dot Copper Trolling Spoons Copper Dot Trolling Spoons New Herring Head Molds Poison Swingtail Head Mold

Midwest Finesse 4" & 6" Senko Molds New 6" Paddle Tail Mold French Magnum Genuine Matte Silver Plated French Magnum Copper Blades

French Magnum Black Nickel Magnum Heavy 0.040" Magnum Musky Blades Dutch Fork Colorado Ghost Blades Turtle Shell Colorado Ghost Blades Dutch Fork No Loss Quick Change Clevises

Spruce Extender Scale and Polka Dot Rig Floats L2831 Needle Point 90 Aberdeen L'll Nasty
90  Jig Hook
Big Wire Twister

Larger Selection 
Custom Blades
Splatter Blades Flashabou Accent HEX Magnum Copper & Black Nickel Blades Fluted Copper & Black Nickel Blades

X2 Colorants Painted Fluted Blades Willowleaf Splatter Blades






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