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Making Your Own

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Make Your Balsa Wooden Plug

Making your own wooden crankbaits is a little more work than making other lures, but as you can see it is rather simple -- Just follow the steps listed below to make your balsa wood crankbait.

Quick Material List:
Balsa-wood (1/4" thick), brass or stainless steel wire (0.020" to 0.030" in diameter), lead sinker (1/8oz. to 1/4oz.), water proof glue, clear coat paint, aluminum foil , acrylic paint (any colour you like), cutting board, tracing paper (pattern paper), sand paper, cutting knife, crankbait lips, split rings and hooks.

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All the components used to make this wooden crankbait are available from Real Pro's SportFishing.

Step 1: Draw a simple lure pattern on the tracing paper, (should be between 2 to 4 inches long). Glue 2 pieces of balsa wood together temporarily and place the paper pattern on the top. Gently mark the balsa wood with the pattern for cutting with your cutting knife. Now cut the wood as for the pattern. Round the edges with sand paper, now separate the two pieces of wood. You should now have two symmetrical halves of the lure.

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Step 2: Using the cutting knife gently carve out a small grove for the wire and lead ballast weight as shown. Glue the two halves together and sand smooth. Apply several coats of clear coat over the unpainted body.

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Step 3:: Gently draw desired patterns on the aluminum foil tape. Now gently apply the foil to the lure being careful not to wrinkle the foil.

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Step 4: Apply several more coats clear coat over the foiled body.

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Step 5: Paint or leave silver. Glue on eyes and match lip to bait

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Step 6:: Attach lip by gently cutting a small grove into the lure and glue in position. Now attach split rings and hooks.

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Completed Crankbait with crankbait treble hooks attached

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