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Making Your Own

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Assemble Your Own French Spinners

Spinner Making Steps -- Just follow the six steps listed below to complete your spinner. Please note that you can just as easily make sonic in-line and many other styles and sizes of spinners using these same simple steps.

Folowing the steps below you can make inline spinners of any style or size.

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Step 1: Place hook eye in eye of open loop wire shaft.

Click to enlarge Step 1 of making a French Spinner.

Step 2: Pinch the two ends of the wire shaft together and slip
the desired brass spinner body(ies) down the shaft. With
small spinners you may have to trim the tag end of the spinner
shaft a little

Click to enlarge Step 2 of making a French Spinner.

Step 3:: Slide remaining body components and the desired spinner
blade with properly sized stirrup clevise onto the shaft
. Note: the blade
has a polka-dot die cut prism tape attached.

Click to enlarge Step 3 of making a French Spinner.

Step 4: Using needle nose pliers grab the wire shaft about 1/4"
(6mm) above the clevise and bend the wire three quarters (270°)
around the nose of the pliers.

Click to enlarge Step 4 of making a French Spinner.

Step 5: Now Wrap the tag end of the wire shaft tightly around
the shaft. Wrap two complete turns

Click to enlarge Step 5 of making a French Spinner.

Step 6:: Trim excess wire as closely to the shaft as possible.

Click to enlarge Step 6 of making a French Spinner.

Spinner complete! What a fantastic spinner! From start to finish making
this spinner took less than a minute.

Photo of complete spinner!

A few completed in-line spinners.

Photo of a few complete spinners!

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