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Making Your Own

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Monster Bucktail Trebles!Tying Your Own
Bucktail Dressed Trebles

Tying your own bucktail trebles is not as difficult as you might think. Just follow the steps shown on the following pages. The bucktail being tied here is a double collar two colour treble with red hackle down the center. It took us about ten minutes to tie from start to finish. You can easily add a third collar of hair as well.

Skip Ahead:

  1. Building the bed and applying the hackle.

  2. Building the first collar.

  3. Building the second collar.

  4. Finishing the treble.

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All the components used to make tying these bucktails are available from Real Pro's SportFishing.

Gather all the required materials and tools for tying your bucktails.
You will require:

  • Treble Hooks (size 3/0, 4/0, or 5/0)

  • Tying Vise, scissors, head cement with applicator bottle

  • Heavy Thread (we like using "D" size), and bobbin

  • An assortment genuine white tail deer bucktails

  • Red hackle (Optional)

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Building the bed applying the hackle!

Step 1: Insert the treble hook (here we are using 4/0) into the
fly tying vise. Slowly wrap the thread starting at the hook eye
and work away from the eye. You will require a 1/2 inch (1cm)
to 1 inch (2.5cm) long bed depending on the number of
collars of hair your trebles will require.

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Step 2:: After completing the bed for the hair work plenty of
head cement into the thread.

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Step 3: Place the first piece of hackle onto the bed of hair and
wrap with thread four to six times. Keep the thread snug at all times.
Work plenty of head cement over the wraps of thread.

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Step 4: Rotate the hook in the vise and tie another piece of hackle
along opposite side of hook shank. Again, work plenty of head
cement onto the thread.

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Step 5:: Wrap several more wraps of thread and apply a little more
head cement..

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