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Wacky Head Wire Weed Guard - Designed for use in the Wacky Head Jig Mold but many other molds can be modified to use this wire weed guard.

Item Code Description Price per 100
61-2164 Wacky Weed Guard WWG-12 $6.99 


Direct molding is fast and easy, and by far the most popular method of attaching weedguards. Some tackle makers instead prefer to epoxy the weedguards in place. In some models, a steel base hole pin can be molded in place of a weedguard. A hole is formed when the pin is removed. Note: Only 1/8" (FG-30) and 5/32" (FG-40) weedguard models have provisions for base hole pins. One reusable base hole pin per cavity is supplied with qualified models. Extra base hole pins can be purchased if greater speed of production is required.

FIBERGUARD - FG-30 FG-30 is a series of Fiberguard with 1/8" size base diameters and a length of 1-3/4" (4.5cm). This is the most popular size of fiberguard. FG-30's available in Black only!

Fiberguards are available in Black only. Other colours are no longer available. 

Item Code Description Colour 100 500
61-87-35 FG-30B Black $19.99 $84.99

FIBERGUARDS - FG-40 FG-40 Fiberguards have a large 5/32" base and a length of 1-3/4" (4.5cm). These guards are very stiff and are usually used with heavy jigs or when maximum stiffness is necessary. Use only in Mold Models JKS-1091F, JYS-1056 and BBJ-3-LF.

Item Code Description Colour No of Strands 100 500
61-87-45 FG-40B Black 35 $19.99 $84.99
61-87-46 FG-40R Brown 35 $19.99 $84.99

FIBERGUARDS - FG-12 FG-12 Fiberguard have a 5/64" base diameter and and a length of 1-3/8" (3.5cm) and are used for lighter applications. Use only in molds specifying FG-12 Fiberguards.

Item Code Description/Size Colour No of Strands 100 500
61-87-55 FG-12HB Black 7 $14.99 $56.99

FIBERGUARDS - FG-9 FG-9 Fiberguards are light duty 1/16" diameter weedguards and are 7/8" (2.25cm) in length, that are made for small crappie jigs. All weedguards can be molded directly into the lure. 

Item Code Description/Size Colour No of Strands 100 500
61-87-60 FG-9 Clear 9 $14.99 $56.99

Weedguards are non-discountable



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