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Plastisol SoftBait Injectors

The 4oz Injector and Nozzle holds 1/2 cup (4oz) of plastic. The 6oz model holds 50% more plastic. Both have Super smooth action.

Please note: The 4oz and 6oz injectors do not use a locking pin to lock the nozzle in place. Additional care and awareness should be used when using these injectors.

9.5oz Injector: Engineered to get hot quick and hold heat longer, the Large Injector holds approximately 9.5 oz of plastic (approximately 1.5 cups). It is wider and shorter than traditional injectors allowing more plastic in a shorter tube which keeps it hot longer. It also makes it less cumbersome to use.

The 9.5 oz injector tube is 2" wide and 8.5" long. The walls of the tube are 1/8" thick. The nozzle has 3 bayonet pins to ensure a solid lock, and keep the nozzle from getting wedged at an angle. The end cap is threaded to make dis-assembly and cleaning a breeze. All pieces that turn have a knurl finish allowing easy manipulation with gloves on.

Add a few drops of worm oil to lubricate your injectors
to keep the action super smooth.

Item Code Size Price
61-91345 Plastisol Injector - 4 oz $79.99
61-91361 Plastisol Injector - 6 oz $124.99
61-91351 Plastisol Injector - 9.5 oz $149.99

Injectors are non-discountable.

Dual Injector System
The Dual Injector System allows you to inject two colours of plastisol with a single injection, a huge time saver. Now you can make two colour soft baits without the need for a lamination plate or two separate injections. 

This is a complete assembled dual injection system. System Includes two injectors. Available with two 4oz injectors # 61-91340  (8oz total) or two 6oz injectors # 61-91350 (12 oz total).

Super smooth action. We tested these in our shop for six months with great results, now it is available to everyone. This is a really slick set up.


This is a conversion kit # 61-91341 for the folks that already have two of our 4oz or 6oz injectors. This kit contains everything you need to assemble your own dual injector system.

NOTE: Conversion kit does not include the injectors
Item Code Kit Price
61-91340 Complete Dual 8oz (2x 4oz) Injection System $249.99
61-91350 Complete Dual 12oz (2 x 6oz) Injection System $299.99
61-91341 Conversion Kit - works with 4oz or 6oz injectors $124.99

Double Injection System and Double Injection Conversion Kits are non-discountable.

Dual Injector Parts
We've been asked to stock dual injector parts. Having additional Mixing Blocks on hand is a real time saver when running your production. Use with both 4oz and 6oz injectors.

Item Code Kit Price
63-9750 Mixing Block - 2.25in Spacing $89.99
63-9751 Dual Tube Clamp $29.99
63-9752 Plunger Rod Holder $9.99
63-9753 Guide Rod $9.99
63-9754 Set Screw (2 pack) $1.99
63-9755 Allen Key $1.99

Replacement Parts are non-discountable.


Medium Injector Nozzle - Use on 4oz and 6oz Models

Medium Injector Nozzle. Itís a good idea to have a
couple extras as they can get hot and need time to
cool between uses.

Item Code Size Price
61-91346 Medium Injector Nozzle
Fits both 4oz and 6oz models

 Nozzles are non-discountable

Injector O-Rings

Item Code Size Price
Pack of 2 O-Rings
Pack of 10 O-Rings
61-91347 Medium Injector O-Rings (2 Pack) $2.99 $11.99
61-91344 Large Injector O-Rings  (2 Pack) $5.99 -

O-Rings are non-discountable.

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