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MIDWEST FINESSE JIG WITH Wire Keeper  Use the Keeper Wire. Do-It molds has engineered a mold that makes one of the hottest baits in bass fishing. This new Midwest Finesse Jig Mold can make up to 6 sizes of the popular stand up jig many refer to as the Ned Rig. From 1/16th up to 1/4 oz and all the sizes in between the Midwest Finesse is a must have jig mold to add to your arsenal. The Midwest Finesse Head works great with Gary Yamamoto Senko and Midwest Finesse Rig Softbait molds. Each jig has a wire keeper that helps keep the plastic securely seated up against the head without sliding.

This IS your MUST HAVE jig mold for the 2020 BASS SEASON ! ! !

The Midwest Finesse Rig is essentially one of the most fish catching baits of our modern time.

Item Code Model No. Insert Hook Style No. of Cavities Lure Sizes (oz.) Hook Sizes Price
61-3513 MFJ-6-A Keeper WB400 L3052 / 604 6 1/16,3/32,1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4 1 or , 1/0 $69.95
61-3532 MFJ-6-16 NEW Keeper WB400 L3052 / 604 6 1/16 1 or , 1/0 $69.95
61-3533 MFJ-6-332 NEW Keeper WB400 L3052 / 604 6 3/32 1 or , 1/0 $69.95
61-3534 MFJ-6-18 NEW Keeper WB400 L3052 / 604 6 1/8 1 or , 1/0 $69.95

Molds listed in black are always in-stock and ready to ship!

Model MFJ-6-A (Item 61-3513) also accepts the following 90 degree jig hooks.

Hook Style 1/16 oz. 3/32 oz. 1/8 oz. 5/32 oz. 3/16 oz. 1/4 oz.
Eagle Claw L3052 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0
Eagle Claw 570/574  1 1 1 or 1/0 1 or 1/0 1 or 1/0 1 or 1/0
Mustad 32746 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/0

Wire Form - WB400

Spring tempered stainless steel wire form wire to be molded into your jig heads. Packaged per 100 or 1000.

Item Code Description Price per 100 Price per 1000
61-2609 Wire WB400 $12.99 $99.99


Don't forget the Midwest Finesse Rig Softbait CNC Mold or the Midwest Finesse Rig ES Mold is a perfect match to the Midwest Finesse Jig! Pour your own Midwest Finesse Soft Baits!!!




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