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Making Your Own

How To Make-Index
Introduction to Lure Making
In-Line Spinner
Balsa Crankbait
Bucktail Treble
Casting Jigs & Lures
Powder Painting
Trolling Spoon


Required Tools

  • Heat Source (non-smoking candle, propane torch, alcohol burner, toaster oven, etc.)
  • Pair of pliers (needle nose or hackle pliers)
  • Lure Cooling/Baking Rack
  • Straws (for applying eyes)
  • Head Cement Applicator Bottle (for applying patterns)
  • Small Round Bowl (optional)

Some have found that working from a small round bowl allows for easier application.

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  1. Benefits of Powder Painting
  2. Required Tools
  3. Powder Painting Jigs
  4. Powder Painting Spoons & Spinner Blades
  5. Applying Airbrush Style Textured Patterns
  6. Applying Two Tones
  7. Applying Eyes
  8. Oven Curing
  9. Tips



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